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Hand Tools 

 Don Carlos Knife

(Origional) £24.99+VAT

Don Carlos Pallett Straight Knife

(Original) £19.50+VAT

 Lowe 45 Degree Gasket Shears

(origional) £39.50+VAT

 Sprue Guide £11.99+VAT

Sisal Mop Adapter to mop head

converts from male to female (Mop not Included)


Sisal Mop Head (Male Thread) £22.95+VAT





Second Hand Machinery And Machine Parts

                                                                     Click For Stayer and OMS Spares

SecondhandOMS OK 330

Infismac Spares for FC/3P, FC1 , FC5 and

COPIA - FC/3F Copy Routers

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