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GRAULE ZS 170N / ZS 200N Print

ZS 170N, ZS 200N
  • Crosscut and miter saw with maximum depth of cut of 135 / 170 / 200 mm
  • sturdy cast iron construction
  • precise ball bearing guide of the tool carrier on hardened and grounded steel shafts
  • manual feed
  • rapid miter setting up to 65° horizontally and up to 45° vertically (up to 60° ZS 200N)readjustable positive stops lower saw blade protection suitable for connection with suction plant

ZS 170N
ZS 200N
400 V / 2.0 kW
400 V / 5.0 kW
3500 RPM
2800 RPM
length of cut
430 mm (90°)
420 mm (90°)
depth of cut
170 mm (90°)
200 mm (90°)
miter range horizontally
miter range vertically
90°-45° (left)
420 mm
520 mm
suction plant
100 mm
120 kg
310 kg




Different types of roller conveyor length stops for use with GRAULE crosscut and miter saws or for connection to machines of outside make for the cutting of wooden profile boards, square timber, beams, plastic and aluminium profiles. These roller conveyer length stops are divided into three categories: roller conveyer-length stops model RO, RL, RLK, RLH and RLHK in light construction, for processing of aluminium and PVC profiles and for wooden profile boards. Roller conveyer length stops model RO-ST60, RLK-ST60, RLK-ST60L und RLH-ST60 in massive construction, for processing of wood beams in carpentry or for heavy aluminium and steel profiles. The third application is a fully automatic programmable length stop model RLE-ST60, for true to size and economic production in wood, aluminium and plastic manufacturing industry.

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