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At Antiference we stock a very large and wide range of spares for many makes of machines.

Below are just some of the spares we stock: 

Air Oil Regulators Pneumatic Foot Peddles On-Off Motor Starters Pressure Switches On-Off Switches
Safety Pressure Maintainers Pumps for Steel Saws Gas Struts Springs for Head Return on Bead Saws Belts
Capacitors Electrovalves Pneumatic Cylinders Brackets for Clamp Cylinders Clamping Pads
Shimms Blade Reducers Air Fittings Air Line Pipes Blade Guards
Electric Motors Bearings Brushes Heater Elements Thermal Couples
  Shafts Heater Plates (any specifications Seal Kits for Pneumatic Cylinders  



Thermo Couples



Omron Range Can be set to Mins, Seconds etc for Different Applications


Heater Elements

1/4 Dia 6.3mm for Heater Plates that use Heater elements

Different Sizes and Lengths Availiable

Temperature Controllers

24 Volt/ 240 Volt

Data Logic Old Name Data Sensor



Quick Release Arbours

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Double Pneumatic Cylinder for STB/Wegoma Welders

To move left hand movement of the head

Old Code: ZS04000046 New Code: CSP0002

 KPM Valve 5/2 1/8 BSP Pilotted for STB/Wegoma Welders value for clamps goes on top of pneumatic clamp cylinders

 Old Code: CM500A80000

New Code: CM650A8000



 Infismac Collets and Nuts


In Sizes 6,8,10,12

For Models FC1,FC3P,FC4,FC5 and MLA model A10



Order Ref Codes: 

74A Infasmac Brass 8mm Collet (Also in 6mm,10mm,12mm)

74B Infasmac Nut to hold Collet





Pertici Collet and Nut

in Sizes 8mm and 10mm

Suits Pertici Drain Slot Machines and Copy Routers

ML142/ ML141/ ML140

FC106, FC101, FC102AP, FC102APF, FC105P, FC105M, FC100AP, FC100APF


Order Ref. 674F


Gas Struts for Various Machines

Typicaly used on Saws and Copy Routers

For Makes Such as MLA, Pertici, Inasmac, Delta, STB, FOM, Bi Trip Etc.


Order Codes:

Ref. 81 Infasmac FC3, FC3P, FC4

Ref. 674L Infasmac FC5

Ref. 120A MLA A21, A24

Ref. 120B MLA A21LS, A24LS

Ref. A15B MLA A21 LS (New) C.E , A24LS (New) C.E

Ref. A15A MLA A20

Ref. 6730 Pertici FC106


Some of our Gas Struts may fit other makes 

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Second Hand Machinery And Machine Parts

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SecondhandOMS OK 330

Infismac Spares for FC/3P, FC1 , FC5 and

COPIA - FC/3F Copy Routers

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